The Creeper Problem on Quora Needs to Be Handled

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I’d like to talk about the problem of creepers on Quora — people who are often no better than the “neighborhood flasher” of old.

Many people are aware that Quora has a problem with adult content — as in, not seeming to do enough preventative work to control it.

An example of this: I was sitting in a restaurant, across from my husband, idly scrolling Quora. As the waitress came walking up, something came across my feed and I raised my eyebrow in alarm and quickly covered the screen, as I didn’t want the waitress to see and think I was some creeper browsing porn in public. Because that’s what had come up. On a non-adult question, someone had answered using a naked photo of himself and his wife, unclothed, her legs spread and what was between them spread for the world to see. Since it wasn’t an adult question, that means the answer was not blurred by default.

I’d like to be clear that I like porn. When I want to watch porn, though, I go to a porn site.

One time, I was discussing Quora’s adult content problems with someone on Discord. I went to send them an example of a tasteful nude I found online, relevant to our discussion. Discord automatically rejected it because it detected that it was adult content.

Why can’t Quora do this with images at least? Auto-detect nudity and blur it appropriately?

I’m on Reddit. I have adult content enabled. I had to go double-check. Why? Because unwelcome adult content never appears in my feed. The only time I would see adult content is if it was from a subreddit I follow.

That’s part of the problem on Quora. If you have adult content enabled, lots of adult content you don’t want will be fed into your feed. If you don’t have it enabled, you will still see adult content since not enough is done to catch and prevent it. Annoying if you don’t want to see it and concerning when you consider that Quora is not an adults-only site.

Some of my thoughts on the various adult aspects of Quora.

Adult content in general

If a user wants to enable adult content in their feed, ask adult-flagged questions, or even be able to see an adult Space, they have to somehow verify their identity to prove they are an adult. It’s messy, but I don’t care. There needs to be more measures in place.

Adult Spaces

Make them easier to avoid. If a question is asked specifically in an adult Space, perhaps the distribution of said question should be limited solely to that Space, so that it doesn’t appear in searches (especially for users with adult content turned off). Also, consider giving us the ability to entirely block a Space so that we no longer see it at all unless we literally click a link to that Space. Not in the feed. Not in search results. Nada.

Adult content in comments

There’s no way to report it currently. Harassment doesn’t cut it. Also again, if Quora would have the auto-detect in place, maybe it could prevent dick pics being left in comments…

Questions clearly asked for sexual gratification

There needs to be a better way to report these. They’re often asked in a way that encourages pornographic answers. Questions like “Do you ever get excited from wearing no panties with a short skirt in public, bending over and “accidentally” giving people a show?” If a question is clearly seeking sexual gratification, it shouldn’t be allowed outside of a Space (and adult Space at that) on Quora, as it’s obviously not seeking any form of reusable knowledge, and invites more problem content.

People who habitually leave blatantly adult content on non-adult questions

These are the ones I call creepers. The digital versions of the neighborhood flasher. I believe that if someone does this repeatedly, Quora should be more willing to ban them. They do it to women, to kids, to anyone. They don’t care and just want people to see vulgar pictures.

The fact that they haven’t taken measures to separate the creepers from non-adult topics

I’ve ranted about this before. The words “breasts”, “vagina”, “penis”, and more are flagged on Quora as adult. You can’t ask a legitimate medical question about things like that without an adult flag. I recently requested that they flag “panties” as adult, much to my own personal chagrin, because the majority of the content on the topic is creepers asking creepy thinly-disguised sexual questions about panties. Since it’s not flagged as adult, that means if they don’t tag any other adult topic, these creepy questions will show up even in feeds with adult content disabled.

At the end of the day, let me say that I highly disagree with Quora allowing gratuitous porn on a site that allows minors. But if they’re determined to do so, I think they need to take more preventative measures to separate the porn from the users who do not want to see it. And maybe find a way to separate the pornographic adult content from the non-pornographic. I’ve seen some wonderful answers written about sex in a completely educational way. :)

One can dream.



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